Bringing pensions together

Launch your own pension finding service with our flexible, scalable solution, to engage customers and reach new audiences
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Reuniting pensions and savers

Our pension finding technology and software connects people back to their lost pensions
Found in lost pensions
Pensions reclaimed by customers
22 days
Median time to find a pension

The Raindrop solution

Advanced pension finding engine

Deliver pension tracing services at scale through our fully automated process, including smart employer-provider matching, intelligent communication centralisation and automated policy processing.

Tailored customer journey

We offer a dedicated portal for each of your customers and an end-to-end managed service at the backend, allowing you to get to market fast. Already have a customer journey? Take advantage of our easy-to-use APIs.

Compliance-focused design

Our technology and processes are fully GDPR-compliant, ensuring privacy for all our customers. We provide bank-grade security for all data in flight and at rest with AES 256 bit encryption.

Modular services

Raindrop's service is tailored to your requirements. In addition to pension finding we offer Letter of Authority automations.

Industry-leading technology behind a great product

Smart employer to scheme matching

We have an extensive proprietary database that matches employers to schemes and continues to grow as new employers are added. We have an industry-leading process for scheme mapping through automated actions and proprietary data sets.

Bespoke provider outreach

Our smart letters of authority are tailored to providers' requirements, including encryption. They are automatically dispatched via email, post or online form according tothe providers' requirements.

Intelligent information centralisation

Centralisation of all communications, with regards to one case, across the customer, their employer and the underlying scheme. Creates a full case overview for rapid request resolution.

Automated response processing

Automatically pulls key information from pension policy documentation such as pension reference and value, as well as more complex fields such as contribution history and safeguarded benefits.

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Built with privacy in mind

All our systems, processes and technology have been developed with a focus on privacy and data protection.

We ensure our systems undergo regular testing, frequent database backups and data privacy assessments.

Our whole team undergo continual training, including regular GDPR sessions and wider financial compliance learning.

We keep our data local and regularly review our processes to ensure we’re protecting all of our customers.

Tailored solutions for your business

Rapidly launch your own finding service to power your customer acquisition and boost your asset growth. Our white label solution provides full end-to-end case management, allowing you to deliver a personalised service at scale.


Everything you need to know about Raindrop’s Pension finding and combining service


What are the obstacles to finding a pension?
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Pension finding is a complicated and time-consuming process.

Due to auto-enrolment regulations, most people in the UK acquire multiple separate pension pots over their lifetime. Finding multiple pensions for multiple customers can be a complex task for pension providers. Building a pension tracing engine from scratch requires significant technological investment, especially due to the significant number of schemes in the UK, each with its own nuances.

Raindrop is here to change that. We help our partners deliver pension tracing services at scale through our automated pension finding solution.


What are the key problems facing the pension finding industry?
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There are various obstacles for pension providers and pension tracing service providers when it comes to pension finding. Finding a pension is a complex and expensive process, that requires either outsourcing this service to a third party like Raindrop or building pension software in-house. 

Auto-enrolment is also accentuating the issue of lost pension pots and is leading to ever-increasing demand for finding lost pensions.

Furthermore, there are various data mismatch issues which make it difficult to trace pensions as most people move addresses during their working life.

Demand can also create opportunity. This demand for pension finding can be an opportunity for financial services to accumulate assets and customers, and to engage existing customers with their pensions. 

Raindrop's pension software helps the financial services industry effectively manage demand in finding lost pensions by offering a cost-effective solution.


What is Raindrop's pension finding service?
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Raindrop’s pension finding technology is an integrated solution for your brand and services. It's a white-label solution that pension providers and fintechs can use to help their clients take control of their pensions.

Key features of our scalable solution:

  • Enable partners to rapidly launch their own pension finding service
  • Only basic customer information is required to trace a pension, including the name of their employer and the years they worked there
  • Centralised and efficient case management, allowing Raindrop to efficiently manage the end -to-end pension finding customer journey
  • Linkage into partners' transfer infrastructure
  • Pension finding customer communications managed by Raindrop
  • Flexible integration method - white-label or APIs


Who do we work with?
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We partner with pension providers, investment platforms, fintechs and financial advisers, giving them access to the right tools and resources to expand their pension tracing services.

Our software helps you provide a better customer experience and better engagement with their pensions. 


How can we work together?
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We like to give our partners flexible options. 

  • For pension providers and fintechs, we offer a full pension tracing solution through our white-label or API integration. We handle the entire pension tracing process, from determining the scheme to handling all communication with providers. We provide a flexible and scalable solution that enhances customer experience. 
  • For financial advisers, we offer administrative support including generating and sending of letters of authority ensuring manual intervention is kept to a minimum. 

Tailored solutions for your business

Pension providers

Rapidly launch your own finding service to power your customer acquisition and boost your asset growth. Our white label solution provides full end-to-end case management, allowing you to deliver a personalised service at scale.

Financial advisers

Dramatically decrease asset-tracing time and grow your client’s portfolios with our partially managed solution. Service your customers through your adviser portal while we provide the technology and operational resource at the backend.

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