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Intelligent pension finding
White-label service
Administrative advancement

Intelligent pension finding

Employer-provider matching

Besides our large database of employer to scheme mappings, we have robust processes allowing us to quickly identify employers correctly and the appropriate contact needed. Paired with intelligent rules this means we can quickly identify the provider for any employer.

Communication centralisation

Finding a pension often requires communications with a scheme, employer and customer. Our engine tags communications so that they can be centralised across a given pension finding request. This includes our smart letters of authority, tailored to providers and employers, with automated chasing.

Optical character recognition

Automatically identifies key data within documents and converts it into structured data, reducing manual intervention and allowing for further automations around data mismatches or pension transfers.

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White-label service

Real-time pension notification system

Automated updates when new users register and their underlying pension requests are processed, providing full oversight of all customers and enabling simple transfers to your existing pension product.

Bespoke consumer dashboard

Increasing end user engagement and enhancing their experience to facilitate a higher likelihood of pension finding success.

5-minute registration

Only basic personal and employer information required to begin pension searching, with ability to search from 1990 onwards.

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Administrative advancement

Smart letters of authority

Letters are automatically tailored to pension providers, including but not limited to address history, previous names and encryption as required. They can be tailored in any way you require, including covering letters.

Document processing

Optical character recognition can be used both for pension policies and across wider documents such as life insurance policies or investment valuations to pick out key data.

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