At Raindrop we believe that pensions should be simple, jargon-free and accessible.

Why we started Raindrop

We started Raindrop to modernise the pension industry and make the pension and retirement experience better and clearer for the self-employed. We also understand just how difficult it can be when one has variable incomes and needs to manage multiple administrative tasks.

That is why we made it possible to create a pension with Raindrop in less than 10 minutes, fully digitally, completely hassle-free and completely jargon-free.

Meet the Raindrop team

Andrew Banks

Founder & CEO

Sarah Thompson

Founder & CFO

Benjamin Sims

Scott Emerson


Kip Stanley

Customer Support

Amanda Hall

Our commitment

We believe that everyone, self-employed and employed, should have a right to a happy retirement and that is why we are transparent about everything we do so that you can control your retirement.

Who we are

Our team is a mix of self-employed professionals, former finance professionals, technology experts and graduates.

We are dedicated to make retirement savings simple and jargon-free. Our talented team will ensure you have human support to help you with your pension enquiries, no matter the question.

Give us a call at 020 3951 7253, or email us at anytime.