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Find and combine your pensions with Raindrop

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What is FSCS?

FSCS protects customers when authorised financial services firms fail. You could be entitled to compensation of up to £85,000. FSCS protection does not cover a change in the value of your investments, however it covers you if the operations of our partners is affected.
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Find and combine previous pensions into one new online pension plan, with your investments managed by either BlackRock® or Legal & General.

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You can view your new pension any time, any day, anywhere, on your digital dashboard.

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Your dedicated pension assistant will do all the hard work of hunting down your pensions, so you don't have to.

5 quick and simple steps to help us find and combine your pensions

Head over to our Pension Finder and tell us

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A little bit about you

Full name

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Date of birth

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National insurance number

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Current residential address

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Providing this information allows the pension provider to verify your identity.

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A few details about your previous employments and pensions
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For workplace pensions, we need the employer's name and approximate employment years you worked there.

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For personal plans, we need the pension provider's name.

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Retirement details

The age you'd like to retire

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Your nationality

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Your marital status

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You are ready to go!

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Agree that you're happy for Raindrop to find and combine your pensions

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Your dedicated pension assistant will reach out with regular updates

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Track your pension search progress on your dashboard

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We will bring your pensions together for you

Get a new digital private pension with Raindrop

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Manage your new combined pension plan online 24/7

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Access our excellent customer service anytime you need

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Top up with ease to help grow your pot

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With investments, your capital is at risk.

The alternative?

If you prefer to do the heavy-lifting yourself, you can start your pension finding journey yourself or use the Government's Pension Tracing service.

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If you decide to search for your old pensions yourself, you can start by looking at your past payslips. You will find the contact details of your previous employers and pension providers. Then, you need to contact them to find the whereabouts of your pension savings.

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You can also use the Government's Pension Tracing service. It is a free service and searches a large database of workplace and personal pension schemes. It provides you with the contact details of your pension providers, which you have to contact and make an enquiry on your lost pensions. However, from our experience the database is usually limited, outdated and inaccurate.

This is why we do what we do. We want to make the process of finding your lost pensions as easy as possible for you. We're dedicated to saving you time and the hassle of going through this by yourself. We find your pensions one by one, so you don't have to.

Start your pension tracing journey.

Why choose Raindrop to find your lost pensions

We are here to help you find your lost pension pots and get the peace of mind you deserve. We take care of finding and combining your pensions, from start to finish.

Once we have the basic information we need from you, we get straight to work. We work with our smart Pension Finding technology to find the contact details of your previous pension providers.

Then, your personal pension assistant does all the hard work for you, contacting your pension providers so you don't have to. They track down each pension pot and add it to Raindrop's online dashboard. You have access to this dashboard 24/7, giving you full visibility of your hard-earned money.

We are confident we can find your lost pensions, as long as they exist. We have already found over 3,500 pensions worth over £20 million! Let us help you get the financial security you need.

After we find your pensions, we bring them together into one online pension plan. You have lifetime access to this pension and you're able to see the value of your combined pensions all day, any day and from anywhere.

Start your pension tracing journey.

What happens next?

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Now all you need to do is wait...

Armed with all your details, we’ll go and find, then combine your pensions into your newly created Raindrop pension account. This process can take between 4-8 weeks.

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...Until we bring you updates

One of the Raindrop team will be personally responsible for staying in touch with you, bringing you regular updates of your pension searches and will answer any questions you have.

Here’s a few things we might let you know about once we start hunting for your pensions:

That we have found your pension(s) and how to view them in the Raindrop dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to see your pension values and other important information.

If disclosed by the transfer provider, what the transfer fees from your old provider may be. Transfer fees are pretty rare, though.

That we require further information, such as previous address history - to match your records with your previous pension providers.

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Now all you need to do is wait...

Whenever we email you updates, we’ll also update your digital dashboard. You’ll always have full access to your pension tracing status with Raindrop. Simply log on and go to the top right menu and click “Pension Finder”.

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Everything you need to know about Raindrop’s Pension finding and combining service

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How can I lose track of my pensions?
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It is very easy to lose track of your pensions.

It mainly happens when you change employers. Every time you change jobs, you are automatically enrolled on a new workplace pension. Your previous pension pot doesn't follow you to your new workplace, it stays behind with your previous pension provider.

With each employer, you get a new pension pot to save in. Naturally, you forget about your previous pensions, losing track of them.

You also lose track of them when you change address and forget to update your pension provider. We remember to change our address on bill records and bank statements but updating our pension provider is usually not at the top of our heads.

Even if you lose track of your pensions, there is a solution to find your hard-earned money.

Take control of your pension today.


What happens when we find your pensions?
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When we find your pensions, and if they are eligible to be transferred, we'll create a brand new Raindrop pension account for you. We'll then combine all these pensions by transferring them into this one, new pot. This pot will stay with you for life wherever you go.

Please note that we can't combine some types of pensions. These include those which are being contributed to by your employer, or pensions which have defined benefits.


Which types of pension don't we search for?
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  • Pensions that your employer actively contributes in as you may lose out on employer contributions.
  • Public sector and other pensions with defined benefits or safeguarded benefits, such as Guaranteed Annuity Rates. This is because these cannot be brought together in a Raindrop pension (like most other online pension providers).
  • Pensions from before the year 2000. This is because until the year 2000 there was no legal requirement for employers to provide an eligible pension scheme for their employees and therefore pre-2000 it is more likely there was no pension created for you.