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How do I find my public sector pensions?

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NHS pensions

Quote your National Insurance number and PAYE reference, which can be found on your pension advice note or P60. You might also need your NHS pension membership number - normally starts with the letters SD - found on your NHS award letter.

For more information:

Contact details:
NHS pension contact details:
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Civil service pensions

Using the pension contact details provided below, the pension administrators will likely ask you to provide them with two forms of proof of identity, and one proof of address.

For more information:

Contact details:
General Enquiries:
Annual Benefit Statements (ABS):
Pension Saving Statements:
Pension Portal technical help:

General enquiries:
0300 123 6666
Calling from overseas: +44 1903 835902
Pension Portal queries: +44 300 790 05902

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Teacher pensions

Trace your pension by using the contact details below. The administrators will ask for your Teachers’ Pensions Reference number (also known as DfE number) which is the number given to you when you qualify as a teacher in the UK.

Pension contact form:

TEL: 0345 606 6166

Armed forces pensions

Find your pension using the contact details below. To claim your preserved pension, go to the Veterans UK website and fill in AFPS Form 8 as you will not receive the pension automatically. You should send the form 3 months before your pension is due.

For more pension information:

Pension contact details:

Phone: 0800 085 3600
Phone (from overseas):
0044 141 224 3600
Phone (military):
94560 3600

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Government service

Trace your pensions using the Government’s free Pension Tracing service. It enables you to find the contact details of your pension providers. Contact your pension providers and enquire about your lost pensions.

Link to the service?

Raindrop and Public Sector Pensions:

Unfortunately, we don’t search for public sector pensions. This is because the organisations that administer these pensions don’t usually send policy information to third parties. However, Raindrop is happy to help you find and consolidate your private-sector pensions.

Find more information here: 

How can Raindrop help?

At Raindrop, we work hard to make the process of finding your pensions as simple as possible. Our smart Pension Tracing technology will find the contact details of your pension providers. Your dedicated pensions assistant with contact them for you, tracking them down one-by-one and adding them to an online dashboard, to which you have full visibility 24/7.  Then, we combine all your newfound pots into one pension plan for your peace of mind. It’s nice to know where all your hard-earned money is!

Find and combine your pensions

If you are considering consolidating your pensions with a view to starting to take your benefits from them, you should consider speaking to a financial advisor, or visit the UK Government’s Pension Wise service, to help you decide what the best option for you might be.

If you have any workplace pension questions, you can speak to us here or sign up here:

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